Why Did I Ever Try It Alone?


I found out about ATK Team, a real estate team in Sacramento, and they were life savers. They know the market like the back of their hands and had all the insider info I’d been missing out on trying to do it all on my own. They knew what I was looking for and got to work finding some great options for me.

I had been looking for a new home in Sacramento for a few months now and was having NO luck. It was getting really frustrating and the time was ticking down to when I needed to be out of my current rental property. I decided it was worth a try to get professional help, although I’d never done it before.

They showed me a few homes for me to start getting a feel for what was available, and then a few weeks later we hit jackpot. There was a house that had just come available that they had gotten the inside scoop on, and it was perfect. It was just what I had been looking for–the perfect size, and in a great neighborhood. I got the perfect house thanks to ATK Team.

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