Short-Sale listing to the rescue!

Short Sale-SacramentoMy wife and I had just found out we were adding to our family when we were looking for a new home. We had planned on buying a home, but the new baby wasn’t exactly part of that plan. So we knew that our budget was going to change significantly. That’s why we started working with Short Sale- Sacramento┬ábecause we knew they’d be able to find us a home we could afford.

Starting a family was both a scary thing for us, but ultimately exciting because we were prepared to take the next step in our lives. Even though the timing wasn’t ideal, we were both so excited to be having our first baby in our first house together. And Short Sale- Sacramento really made all of it possible for the experience to be magical, rewarding and beautiful.

After a few months, we finally found the house that would be perfect for us. With four bedrooms, we would be able to increase our family size again before having to get a bigger house. That was a priority for us because we knew we would have everything taken care of if we started building our family now. Short Sale- Sacramento really pulled through for us!

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