School Supplies


My kids needed school supplies, but I was short on cash. I usually didn’t have a problem but things had gotten really crazy over the summer with paying for camps and trips and sports and all the other odds and end expenses that come up when you have kids. I wasn’t sure where to get the extra cash and couldn’t wait until my next paycheck showed up, so I turned to Same Day Auto Title Loans┬áin Sacramento and Roseville. They’re a Sacramento company that gives you an auto loan regardless of your prior credit history.

I went in and they gave me all the info I needed. They were extremely helpful and just presented me with the facts. I appreciated the way they do business. They didn’t try to hide anything or make anything sugarcoated. I gave them my title and showed them my ID and walked out the door with the cash I needed in my hands.

I was able to pay for the kids school supplies as well as a few new outfits for them to wear to school. I’m so grateful that Same Day Title Loan was there to save the day when I got in a tight spot. I don’t’ even have to make the first payment until the following month, so I’ve got plenty of time to get back on track.

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