Precision Auto Repair

Precision Auto GlassI was in a minor accident just a few weeks ago, but I still needed to make sure I got my windshield repaired. It started with a crack, but by the end of the week, I would have to call Precision Auto Glass Sacramento to make sure I would be safe on the road.

I was planning to drive from Sacramento to LA and I wanted to make sure that I would be safe for myself and others. If my visibility was compromised, I wasn’t the only one in danger. When I took my car in to Precision Auto Glass to get it looked at and fixed, they told me that it was definitely smart of me to come in and take care if it before my trip.

The people at Precision Auto Glass were very helpful and I feel that they charged me fairly and honestly, which is not how I’ve always been treated. I hope that I won’t need their services anytime soon, but I’m glad they were able to help me in my time of need without ripping me off.


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