Buying Our First Home Together

ATK TeamMy husband and I got married earlier this year and have been waiting until my husband got a raise to buy a house. He finally did and we are finally starting to look for a home together, with the help of the ATK Team. We are so excited about it because we’ve been waiting for ten years to buy a house. And now that we’re finally doing it, it seems really surreal!

It’s been a long process from start to finish, but having a professional realtor like the ATK Team working with us to find a house has been invaluable because we had never really done anything like this before. Looking for an apartment is second nature, but this would be a place we may spend the rest of our lives and raise our children in. It was an important decision.

It took about six months, but we finally managed to get the perfect house for us in Roseville thanks to the ATK Team. We got a five bedroom, five bathroom house that has everything I need for the next ten years. I’m assuming, of course, that we won’t have about ten kids. We are so happy with our new home and we are excited for this new chapter.

Precision Auto Repair

Precision Auto GlassI was in a minor accident just a few weeks ago, but I still needed to make sure I got my windshield repaired. It started with a crack, but by the end of the week, I would have to call Precision Auto Glass Sacramento to make sure I would be safe on the road.

I was planning to drive from Sacramento to LA and I wanted to make sure that I would be safe for myself and others. If my visibility was compromised, I wasn’t the only one in danger. When I took my car in to Precision Auto Glass to get it looked at and fixed, they told me that it was definitely smart of me to come in and take care if it before my trip.

The people at Precision Auto Glass were very helpful and I feel that they charged me fairly and honestly, which is not how I’ve always been treated. I hope that I won’t need their services anytime soon, but I’m glad they were able to help me in my time of need without ripping me off.


A Space for Retail

CBREI just moved my small business to Roseville and I turned to CBRE to help me find the perfect retail property in Roseville. I design jewelry, so I wanted to be close to all of the retail shops near the Galeria. CBRE immediately found the perfect place for me and my jewelry shop.

I was really impressed with the way CBRE handled everything I needed. We discussed my budget and my desired location and they took care of the rest immediately. I was almost in disbelief that they found me something so fast that fit my perimeters.

Now that I’m all settled in my new place, I am so excited to start working again. The clientele in Roseville is exactly the demographic I’ve been looking for and I couldn’t be happier with the way things are going!

Renovations Made Simple.

Premier Remodeling & ConstructionPremier Remodeling & Construction allowed us to have a hands-on approach to remodeling and updating our home in Roseville, California. We had some very specific ideas and they were able to accommodate most of them with our budgetary concerns as well. Premier Remodeling & Construction is creative, efficient and does amazing work.

We are truly happy with the way our recent home remodel turned out. We had been dealing with an outdated home for about five years since we bought it, and it was finally time to bite the bullet and pay for the remodel. We had been gathering ideas until then and saving money so we would be absolutely ready.

Premier was completely ready to take on our project and jumped at the chance to design many custom features we wanted in our home. They were very helpful and accurate as to how much time the remodel would take and were within hours of the estimated time. They were absolutely great!

Some (Don’t) Like it Hot.

Alley Heating & AirI was watching the old classic Some Like it Hot, when suddenly, I heard a loud noise coming from the A/C unit, which then abruptly shut off. I called Alley Heating & Air because I had used them before and they were able to come out to fix it right away. I was not confident that they would be able to come out as soon as I wanted them to, but at least I could put the call in.

Turns out, they were completely available, even at 9pm because they are dedicated to making sure you get the service you deserve. I don’t know what I would have done without them because even though the weather had cooled off, it was supposed to be in the 100s the next day.

I know I can always count on Alley Heating and Air for all of my air conditioning repairs in Sacramento. They have excellent customer service and they are absolutely great at getting repairs done fast and easily!

Oral Health Problems in Fair Oaks


I never had healthy teeth and although genetics definitely played into it, I knew I needed to do a better job of taking care of my mouth. I found a great dentist in Fair Oaks called My Tooth Spa. They serve the Fair Oaks and Carmichael locations, and just opened a new location in Roseville as well.

They are a great group of people and  have helped me significantly in improving my oral health. They make trips to the dentist easy and painless, and convenient. They just get it. They understood the problems I was having and gave me reasonable, realistic solutions to the problems.

Since going to My Tooth Spa, my oral health has improved greatly. To get it back up to par they have me coming in to get a cleaning every 4 months instead of every 6 right now. I’ve also been following their easy flossing, brushing and mouth wash tips. I can’t believe the difference it’s made. It’s been life changing.

Why Did I Ever Try It Alone?


I found out about ATK Team, a real estate team in Sacramento, and they were life savers. They know the market like the back of their hands and had all the insider info I’d been missing out on trying to do it all on my own. They knew what I was looking for and got to work finding some great options for me.

I had been looking for a new home in Sacramento for a few months now and was having NO luck. It was getting really frustrating and the time was ticking down to when I needed to be out of my current rental property. I decided it was worth a try to get professional help, although I’d never done it before.

They showed me a few homes for me to start getting a feel for what was available, and then a few weeks later we hit jackpot. There was a house that had just come available that they had gotten the inside scoop on, and it was perfect. It was just what I had been looking for–the perfect size, and in a great neighborhood. I got the perfect house thanks to ATK Team.

Finally Sold


It had finally come down to the wire like we had feared, and we were in a foreclosure situation. Short Sale-Sacramento was our last resort and helped us out of foreclosure. They were able to help us get a short sale and make the best of the situation.

They are a great group of people and were more than willing to help us out at all costs. They understand everything about what goes into the foreclosure process and helped us figure out how to get a short sale. They did all of the work for us, and were extremely helpful.

We didn’t have to pay them, the bank takes care of that once the short sale goes through. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome given our situation. It was a tough road, but Short Sale-Sacramento really helped us out.

New Office


I started my own business out of my home but it was time to move into an office space. It was getting to be too much and my wife couldn’t take me being home all day anymore. I needed a little extra cash to pay the down payment on the office space, so I hit up Same Day Auto Title Loans in Sacramento.

They were able to give me the cash I needed right then and there. I gave them the title to my car, showed them my ID, and they didn’t’ even have to do a prior credit history check. I walked out the door with the cash I needed in my hand.

Thanks to Same Day Title Loan I now have my own office space and it has only helped me grow the business even more. It was a great idea and nice to know they were there for me when I needed them. I’ll be telling people about them for sure!

They’ve Got It


I needed someone to manage my properties for me. I was getting up in years and just couldn’t keep up with it all anymore. Vienna Property Management who operates in Roseville Folsom, Granite Bay, Lincoln, and Rocklin, was a company I had heard about through a friend, so I decided to look more into the idea.

They were extremely friendly people and I could tell they really have it down. They take care of your properties better than you can do it yourself! They are so organized and pay attention to every single detail.

I’m so much happier now that Vienna is taking care of my properties. They just report to me regularly to keep me updated on how things are going. I absolutely love working with them and they’ve changed everything.