Non-Profit Finances


Our non-profit needed some extra financial and bookkeeping assistance. I had been trying to handle all of it on my own but with a new baby at home and more work coming in than ever, it was time we got professional help. We wanted someone who would understand our small, non-profit needs–not someone who was used to working with big companies and couldn’t relate to us. Fortunately a buddy told me about e-Office Team bookkeeping services in Sacramento.

They work specifically with small businesses and non-profits like us, so they are very experienced and know our unique needs and demands. They understand that we function differently than your average business, and have different financial needs and requirements as a result. I met with them and they had some great new ideas for our company and how it should be organized financially.

Since going with e-Office Team, our entire organizations runs so much more smoothly. There’s now a process for everything and a place for everything. We have a system that helps us get from one task to the other, without getting caught up in all the little stuff. Not having to worry about bookkeeping anymore is such a huge relief and weight off my shoulders. I can’t thank them enough and they’ve made such a big difference in our company!

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