No Longer Scared of the Dentist


We’ve had trouble getting my youngest daughter to go to the dentist. She had one bad experience with our dentist and now we couldn’t even bring it up without her throwing a fit. It was time for my son to get his teeth cleaned, so I decided we should try somewhere different. I had heard some great things about My Tooth Spa a dentist in Fair Oaks and Carmichael, so I thought we’d give it a try.

After coaxing my daughter enough, and explaining we were just taking her brother and not her, I was able to drag her into the office with us while we waited. Once we got in there, we checked in and they took my son back to begin his appointment. My daughter saw how friendly the staff was, and how brave her brother was as he went back all alone with the technician. She immediately relaxed.

I hinted to one of the employees at the front desk that my daughter had reservations about the dentist, and she immediately caught on. They started talking to her and engaging with her, making her feel even more welcome and comfortable. Later that night when were at home, my daughter brought up the dentist. She told my husband all about how friendly everyone was and how nice the office was. I then asked if she’d ever want to go there again and she agreed. We scheduled an appointment for her, and she approached it with ease.

My daughter got over her fear of the dentist because of My Tooth Spa. What a great staff and environment. Not to mention top notch oral care. I’m so pleased with the switch we made and couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

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