New Place, New Space in Sacramento.

CBREI started my beauty store and makeup business in Roseville about ten years ago. But due to the success of my Roseville location, I asked CBRE to work with me to get a Sacramento location. I knew that if I there was a market for my services in Roseville, there would also be one in Sacramento– I just had to find the right retail space.

And that’s why I hired CBRE– they know all about the retail industry and where all of the best locations are. They are practically on every street corner! I knew that if I was going to be looking for any retail space, that I would need to find them and have them work for me.

I know I made the right decision because they got me such a great location for an office/store/warehouse. They not only found a space for me that would work for now, they found a space that I could grow into. I also wanted to try to start an online consulting business, and they got me a place with a larger warehouse space that would accommodate that too!

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