My A/C Woes

Alley Heating & AirLet me tell you of a sad story about a girl and a boy and a wedding that almost didn’t happen. Not for a dramatic reason like the bride ran away, or the father of the bride tried to kill the groom. It was because the heating and air conditioning stopped working at the church. But in stepped Alley Heating & Air and saved the day!

What was supposed to be the best day of my life was almost cancelled because of something silly like the air conditioner going out. Aside from it being uncomfortable, it would be borderline dangerous for the older people in attendance. So, we called the first air conditioning repair company Sacramento we could find on the internet: Alley & Co.

It was almost a disaster, but Alley was able to come almost immediately to help us fix the air conditioning system and get the show on the road. It was no doubt, the happiest I was that day, knowing I would be able to have a wedding. I was so excited, I ran out of the dressing area and found my husband to be and gave him a big kiss, traditions be damned!

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