I have always worn contacts, my eyes were terrible. Contacts are expensive and I was just tired of it. I had had enough and started looking into getting Lasik eye surgery. I needed a little extra money up front, but knew I’d end up saving so much on contacts in the long run and would just live such a happier life without the hassle. I heard about Same Day Auto Title Loans¬†located in Sacramento and Roseville¬†from a friend and though I’d check them out. They’re a Sacramento company that gives you cash in exchange for an auto loan.

They were really helpful and let me know exactly how everything works. I only had to provide my ID and give them my car’s title. I literally walked out the door with the cash I needed in my hands.

I can’t say enough how great of a service they provide. They help people out when they need it. They were there for me and now I’ll be able to get my life changing eye surgery.

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