How We Sold


We were struggling to make our mortgage payments and needed help. I had lost my job, so we were living only on my husband’s income and money was just too tight. We wanted to move but didn’t know what our options were and needed help. Fortunately, Short Sales Sacramento offers help for people facing foreclosure or short sale in Sacramento. We knew short sale was likely what we were going to have to go with, so we gave them a call.

They are a great team and it was evident from the start that they are on your side. They explained everything to us and took everything out of our hands to start working for us. They figured out what the best options were for our specific situation, and it looked like short sale was the way to go for us. The best part is that doing a short sale costs us nothing, the bank will pay once the process is complete.

We were able to make a successful short sale of our home and we have moved on with our lives. We no longer have the worry and stress of our mortgage payments and have moved into a home that we can actually afford. I’m so grateful to Short Sale-Sacramento for taking care of all the paperwork and details for us and getting us the end result we needed.

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