General Dentist In Roseville


I live in Roseville and it was time for my oldest daughter to start going to the dentist. I didn’t like the dentist I had been going to all that much and wanted someone that was more “kid friendly.” I found out through a friend about Roseville General Dentist and heard great things, so I scheduled her appointment with them.

The office was friendly and inviting and helped my daughter stay relaxed. She was unsure of the whole thing since it was a new experience for her and she didn’t know what to expect. The staff was extremely kind and understanding that it was her first time, so they made her feel right at home. They let me stay with her the whole time. They explained everything to her that they were doing so she wouldn’t be scared.

She’s a tough one! She got through it without so much as a wince. The staff was incredible and did a great job. I’m grateful they didn’t do anything that was going to scare her away and make her never want to come back to the dentist. It was quite the opposite. She loved it and loved the people and we couldn’t have gone to a better dentist.

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