I had a tooth that had really suffered some damage and was an awkward shape. I was worried about what would happen to it and didn’t want to risk it falling out. I went into Roseville General Dentist because I had heard great things and they offered crown services. They got me right in and were happy that I had chosen to come to them to fix my problem.

The oral hygienist assessed my mouth and took a look at the problem area. She told me it was a good thing I came in when I did before the tooth had gotten any worse. She educated me on the crown process and how it all works. I felt comfortable and relaxed and confident that I was getting great service.

They placed a crown on my tooth and got me all taken care of. Now my tooth looks better, you can hardly tell the difference, and it’s back to it’s regular function. I can chew easily on that side of my mouth again without having to worry what is going to happen to my tooth. Getting a crown was what I needed and the best decision for my situation. Thank you to Roseville General Dentist for helping me out.

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