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Renovations Made Simple.

Premier Remodeling & ConstructionPremier Remodeling & Construction allowed us to have a hands-on approach to remodeling and updating our home in Roseville, California. We had some very specific ideas and they were able to accommodate most of them with our budgetary concerns as well. Premier Remodeling & Construction is creative, efficient and does amazing work.

We are truly happy with the way our recent home remodel turned out. We had been dealing with an outdated home for about five years since we bought it, and it was finally time to bite the bullet and pay for the remodel. We had been gathering ideas until then and saving money so we would be absolutely ready.

Premier was completely ready to take on our project and jumped at the chance to design many custom features we wanted in our home. They were very helpful and accurate as to how much time the remodel would take and were within hours of the estimated time. They were absolutely great!

Old Home, New Look

Premier Remodels & Construction located in Sacramento Roseville Folsom and El Dorado Hillswas able to take our foreclosure home and make it shiny, beautiful and new. If you had seen it two years ago when we bought it, you wouldn’t even recognize it. Premier really helped us make our dream home a reality.

Before we sold our old home, we started looking for homes in foreclosure because we knew we could get a home for a much better price than it was actually worth. It is fairly typical that foreclosure homes are in need of much more work and remodeling. But because my husband and I wanted to customize our home without starting fresh, we liked the idea of working on a foreclosure home together.

Premier has a lot of experience with performing remodels and we saw from their portfolio that we really liked the style of work they perform on their remodels. They told us they could do whatever we wanted, but we chose them because they seemed to specialize in the kind of work we wanted to appear in our home.

Premier did an amazing job with our home, and many people who saw it when we first started can hardly believe that it is the same house. They really improved the look of the home and really gave it a designer feel. It’s really beautiful and we keep inviting our friends over to show it off.

We love that our home is something we can be proud of. With the help of Premier Remodeling & Construction, we were able to get our home in tip top shape and looking better than ever!

Eased My Window Worries


When it came time that our home needed new windows in San Jose, I was truly dreading it. I had heard horror stories of companies who don’t do a good job and leave people suffering from problems a year later. I wanted to make sure we chose a reputable company who had lots of experience with new home windows. One of my friends who also lives in San Jose suggested Window Masters to us, so I decided we would give them a shot.

They have incredible selection and knew exactly what we were looking for. They have the experience and eye to be able to determine what windows will look best with what homes and the different styles that go together. I hadn’t had a particular style in mind but was very excited about what we picked out together.

They totally surprised me on installation day and did an incredible job. All the anxiety I had felt immediately left. They showed up and got straight to work, and were extremely respectful of my home. They even took the time to show me what they were doing and explain how it all worked. They were true professionals and the handiwork was so well done. Our home looks incredible. The windows are perfect and they did such a great job, I’m just so thrilled! Windows

Windows and Remodeling: Old and New

When we were remodeling our house, our designer mentioned that replacing old and wrecked windows is a great way to improve the look of your home on the inside and outside. I was looking for a great window replacement company when I stumbled upon Windows in Sacramento Roseville and Folsom.

I called them and they were able to come out to my home in Roseville right away. They gave us some great advice as to what types of windows and glass would look great in our home and also gave us a consultation on some custom work we wanted to have done.

Once we decided what we wanted, Windows began work on our home and replaced all of the upstairs and downstairs windows. They looked amazing and not only improved the interior of the home, but also the exterior.

Windows Sacramento did a great job on our windows and we can’t wait for them to get started on some custom work for our entryway. We are also having them design some shower doors for us too. Our remodel wouldn’t have been the same with them.