Can’t Take the Heat.

Alley Heating & AirOh man, you really don’t learn to appreciate technology until it’s taken away from you! I learned the hard way when I had to call Alley Heating & Air when my air conditioning went out in the dead of summer. And I mean the dead of summer.

It was 105 degrees on the day my air conditioning decided to go kaput! I didn’t even know what to do, it was so hot. So I called Alley Heating & Air and I called my sister, thinking I would need to stay with her for a few days while I got my A/C fixed. But no, Alley was able to fix it on the very same day! My hero!

It only took a few hours for them to figure out what was wrong and what it was going to take to make my air conditioning functional again. I was so relieved I hugged the technician who came out to fix my air conditioner! I was just so relieved that I wouldn’t have to stay somewhere else while  my A/C was fixed.

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