Buying Our First Home Together

ATK TeamMy husband and I got married earlier this year and have been waiting until my husband got a raise to buy a house. He finally did and we are finally starting to look for a home together, with the help of the ATK Team. We are so excited about it because we’ve been waiting for ten years to buy a house. And now that we’re finally doing it, it seems really surreal!

It’s been a long process from start to finish, but having a professional realtor like the ATK Team working with us to find a house has been invaluable because we had never really done anything like this before. Looking for an apartment is second nature, but this would be a place we may spend the rest of our lives and raise our children in. It was an important decision.

It took about six months, but we finally managed to get the perfect house for us in Roseville thanks to the ATK Team. We got a five bedroom, five bathroom house that has everything I need for the next ten years. I’m assuming, of course, that we won’t have about ten kids. We are so happy with our new home and we are excited for this new chapter.

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