Auto Title Loans Paid for My Coffee Machine


I was starting up my own business and thought I had all the money I was going to need. But then we decided getting a professional coffee machine would be a great idea. I saw a used one that would be perfect, but needed a little extra cash to buy it. I wasn’t sure where to get the money from so I turned to Same Day Car Title Loans┬áin Sacramento for the cash.

They only need to see a valid form of ID and you get a loan regardless of your prior credit history. They approved me with no problem. I handed them the title to my car and they handed me the cash I needed. I couldn’t believe it was that easy.

I got the machine and things are going so great. The customers love the coffee options we are able to offer and it’s paying for itself in full. Once I pay the loan back, I’ll get the title to my car back. I’ve gotten to drive my car this whole time! It’s been great!

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