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CPR Certification Courses Sacramento

CPR classes SacramentoMany jobs now require that an applicant be CPR certified, especially in the childcare industries. But more and more business are seeking for their employees to be certified. For fast and comprehensive CPR classes Sacramento, why not try Professional Training Institute.

At Professional Training Institute, we maximize time and efficiency without sacrificing important training details and experience. When you take our CPR classes Sacramento for CPR certification, you will leave with the proper credentials, but also with the confidence that you can save someone’s life.

Our training courses are conveniently offered at multiple times, dates and are held at multiple locations. Our CPR classes Sacramento last only three hours and are taught by people who do CPR for a living (firefighters and paramedics). Our courses are engaging, helpful, and exciting!

If you need to be certified in CPR for your job, or simply want to possess the the life-saving skills of CPR, take CPR classes Sacramento from Professional Training Institute. We have been in business since 2001 and are proud to serve our community!

The quick and easy way to a new you!

All New SmilesWatch Josh Bernstein in action on his YouTube page, San Francisco Cosmetic Dentistry.

If you’ve ever considered updating your smile, consider making an appointment with All New Smiles in Piedmont. Dr. Josh Bernstein, the cosmetic dentist at All New Smiles is experienced to perfection at anything from teeth whitening to full dental reconstruction. When you work with All New Smiles, you can be confident that you will leave feeling great.

When we say that you will “feel great,” we mean that in every sense of the word. From the beginning to the end of the process of your procedure, we put a great priority in your comfort. Dr. Bernstein is passionate about patient care and truly cares about his patient’s pain and recovery.

In another way, you’ll be feeling great because you’ll love the improvement the procedure gives you. Even if your visit simply involves getting your teeth whitened, you will surely feel amazing leaving the office. All New Smiles is the premier cosmetic dentists in the Bay Area and we know you’ll be happy with the work that you’ll get done.


A Convenient Windshield Fix

precision Auto GlassPrecision Auto Glass, free windshield replacement Sacramento, made my experience with fixing the chip in my windshield actually fine. When I found a chip in my windshield, I was really annoyed because I knew that I would have to deal with it. Ignoring it would just mean that I’d eventually have to deal with it in an even bigger way.

I called Precision Auto Glass Sacramento, Yelp page in Sacramento, because my friend told me about them. She said that they are a mobile company who are able to come out to YOU and make repairs. I didn’t even have to go to a shop or anything. I simply gave them my work address and they came to my office to repair my windshield.

Additionally, they were super reasonable in price. I didn’t feel inconvenienced at all, it was amazing! And they did a great job. When I paid them and they left, I basically grabbed a whole bunch of business cards so I could recommend them to friends of mine. I had a great experience with Precision Auto Glass!

My A/C Woes

Alley Heating & AirLet me tell you of a sad story about a girl and a boy and a wedding that almost didn’t happen. Not for a dramatic reason like the bride ran away, or the father of the bride tried to kill the groom. It was because the heating and air conditioning stopped working at the church. But in stepped Alley Heating & Air and saved the day!

What was supposed to be the best day of my life was almost cancelled because of something silly like the air conditioner going out. Aside from it being uncomfortable, it would be borderline dangerous for the older people in attendance. So, we called the first air conditioning repair company Sacramento we could find on the internet: Alley & Co.

It was almost a disaster, but Alley was able to come almost immediately to help us fix the air conditioning system and get the show on the road. It was no doubt, the happiest I was that day, knowing I would be able to have a wedding. I was so excited, I ran out of the dressing area and found my husband to be and gave him a big kiss, traditions be damned!

Therapy Care in Sacramento

Empathy TherapyIf you are looking for a full-service psychiatry and mental health facility, look no further than Empathy Therapy. They have a state-of-the-art facility as well as staff that is experienced and friendly. They are willing to tailor treatments to the needs of the patient as much as they need it to.

In addition, Empathy Therapy offers a multitude of services that are comprehensive to any mental health symptom you are looking to resolve. In addition to being board certified, Dr. Chofla is a physician, an executive life coach, and also a psychiatrist. Dr. Chofla will be able to assist you with any need you may have.

Not only is Dr. Chofla experienced, so is his staff. They are friendly and easy to talk to, making anyone who may be nervous to go to a psychiatrist or therapist feel at ease. For those looking to take their mental health into their own hands, I would recommend working with Empathy Therapy.

New Place, New Space in Sacramento.

CBREI started my beauty store and makeup business in Roseville about ten years ago. But due to the success of my Roseville location, I asked CBRE to work with me to get a Sacramento location. I knew that if I there was a market for my services in Roseville, there would also be one in Sacramento– I just had to find the right retail space.

And that’s why I hired CBRE– they know all about the retail industry and where all of the best locations are. They are practically on every street corner! I knew that if I was going to be looking for any retail space, that I would need to find them and have them work for me.

I know I made the right decision because they got me such a great location for an office/store/warehouse. They not only found a space for me that would work for now, they found a space that I could grow into. I also wanted to try to start an online consulting business, and they got me a place with a larger warehouse space that would accommodate that too!

Precision is Best.

Precision Auto GlassThe best part about getting a new windshield is the immediate clarity that you get. Especially after neglect and failure to care for my windshield, after I had Precision Auto Glass repair my windshield in Sacramento, it was looking pretty good. It sure helps when you can see out of your windshield, doesn’t it?!

Of course it’s never great when you have to get a new windshield because it means that you have to pay money for it and it means something happened that made it necessary for it to be replaced. Lucky for me, it wasn’t because of a serious accident or a robbery– it was because I went on a long road trip and a rock hit my windshield and created a crack.

After about a year, that little crack spread from one side of my windshield to the other. That’s just not safe! So I called Precision Auto Glass, a windshield repair company in Sacramento, and they completely sorted me out for the rest of the life time of my car. I hope so, anyway!!

Short-Sale listing to the rescue!

Short Sale-SacramentoMy wife and I had just found out we were adding to our family when we were looking for a new home. We had planned on buying a home, but the new baby wasn’t exactly part of that plan. So we knew that our budget was going to change significantly. That’s why we started working with Short Sale- Sacramento because we knew they’d be able to find us a home we could afford.

Starting a family was both a scary thing for us, but ultimately exciting because we were prepared to take the next step in our lives. Even though the timing wasn’t ideal, we were both so excited to be having our first baby in our first house together. And Short Sale- Sacramento really made all of it possible for the experience to be magical, rewarding and beautiful.

After a few months, we finally found the house that would be perfect for us. With four bedrooms, we would be able to increase our family size again before having to get a bigger house. That was a priority for us because we knew we would have everything taken care of if we started building our family now. Short Sale- Sacramento really pulled through for us!

The help I needed.

Empathy TherapyAfter living abroad with the U.S military, and fighting in combat, I knew that it would be a good idea to see a counselor Sacramento like Empathy Therapy. I moved back from a tour last winter and was reluctant to start going to a therapist because I didn’t want to have to get a new one if I moved.

But I finally decided that I didn’t know how long I would be in Sacramento, and it was probably not a fruitless endeavor to try to get started toward my recovery. I could be in Sacramento for six months or six years, and I figured it was a good idea to start taking my mental health seriously, especially because I had seen many of my colleagues suffer from PTSD and I didn’t want to be in the same situation.

The counselors and psychiatrists at Empathy Therapy are first class and I feel that I am always in good hands no matter what. They are smart, well educated and intuitive as well. They take a holistic approach to therapy and psychotherapy that I whole-heartledly agree with.

Can’t Take the Heat.

Alley Heating & AirOh man, you really don’t learn to appreciate technology until it’s taken away from you! I learned the hard way when I had to call Alley Heating & Air when my air conditioning went out in the dead of summer. And I mean the dead of summer.

It was 105 degrees on the day my air conditioning decided to go kaput! I didn’t even know what to do, it was so hot. So I called Alley Heating & Air and I called my sister, thinking I would need to stay with her for a few days while I got my A/C fixed. But no, Alley was able to fix it on the very same day! My hero!

It only took a few hours for them to figure out what was wrong and what it was going to take to make my air conditioning functional again. I was so relieved I hugged the technician who came out to fix my air conditioner! I was just so relieved that I wouldn’t have to stay somewhere else while  my A/C was fixed.