A Hot One


Our air conditioner was broken…again. We hired a random handy man to try and fix it the last time it broke because we though we’d save money, but it turns out here were are 2 months later and it’s broken again. What a waste of money. There’s no way I was doing that again, I was calling the true professionals to get it taken care of, which is what I should have done in the first place. Alley Heating and Air is a local Sacramento company that offers A/C repair services, and they came out right away to take a look.

They responded quickly to our call and came right to our house. They took a look at what was happening and got working to find out what the cause of the problem was. It turns out a part was on wrong and wasn’t functioning properly, so it needed a spare part. Fortunately they had the part we needed with them in their truck. Talk about coming prepared.

They fixed the unit and let us know to call them right away if any further problems were happening and that they’d come out right away and replace the entire unit if that’s what we wanted. We were hopeful that the old unit still had some years left in it so we decided to give it a shot. It’s great knowing someone is there for you and offers such great service!

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